The way that hospitality brands need to communicate has changed significantly in the last few years. And logically, the reason for hiring a restaurant PR agency to help that brand communicate has changed too.

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With the widespread digitisation of our society, brands need their PR agency to help them connect with customers in a progressive, contemporary way. Most information is found online – through the press, through social media platforms and other digital marketing channels – and increasingly brands can publish their own content and communicate directly with the public.

Me:Mo Interactive has been built with this digital generation in mind. We offer our clients a balanced and integrated approach to communications – through PR & media relations, social media management, digital marketing and content creation including copy, design and video.

Restaurant PR – Me:Mo Interactive

At Me:Mo, we adopt a tactical approach to the core question : How can I reach more people? Our team is balanced – with experience across press, social media, marketing and content creation. So you can use us to manage any, or all, of these areas for you.

We have specialists in each area so we can generate media coverage for you, run your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, devise and execute your marketing activity (including building you an effective database) as well as deliver all the content that you need to keep relevant – be it copy, design or video.

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