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We’re specialists in restaurant marketing, which means that we find ways of promoting restaurants above and beyond PR and media exposure, to generate awareness, and ultimately to drive business.

Our restaurant marketing service can be viewed as a ‘toolkit’ with various ‘tools’, or services available depending on the nature of what you are looking to achieve.

This might range from making sure you are getting the most out of partners like Open Table to giving your database a spring clean; to raising awareness of your restaurant in the local area or launching a new lunch menu (and that’s just for starters).

We work with you to gain an insight into the nature of your problem(s) and develop a tailored strategy to address these.

Our current list of restaurant marketing services cover a range of areas including:

Local Marketing
Targeted approach to local business and residential contacts in your area, using digital channels as well as old fashioned methods (post card drops, local business evenings etc.) to spread the word about your restaurant or venue

Strategic Partnerships
Facilitating new revenue streams for your restaurant or venue: including co-branded marketing campaigns and introductions to key industry marketing partners.

Database Building & Newsletters
Develop and build an e-marketing strategy. From the building of email templates, to producing and sending regular e-communications to your database

Restaurant Digital Marketing:
the running of SEO (search engine optimization), Google Ad Word campaigns and our customized Online Audit (an in-depth audit of where your restaurant is currently listed online and ensuring all information within the listing is up to date and appropriate)

Production and marketing of tailored events (recently we have hosted at our clients everything from wine dinners to a round table discussion on restaurant design as part of the London Design Festival)

idea generation and the development of promotions and offers – this could be anything: from the launch of a new menu to a social media campaign or series of competitions to raise awareness of a particular aspect of your restaurants offering.

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